Notes on split CPID in BOINC

I made some observations while trying to fix some split CPID issue on BOINC
I use BAM, but you can modify below info to suit you if you don’t.

First, it seems the local projects in boinc store their cpid somewhere in their config. This could be a problem especially if you have multiple clients and they have different CPID stored for the same project. If you have issues with this, use BAM to detach then reattach the project(make sure it disappears in boinc manager before reattaching)

This will also help if the Gridcoin client displays wrong CPID even though the project websites shows correct one. Check which project the Gridcoin client displays, then remove and reattach it in BOINC.

Second, to try and sync the CPID’s up, go to the advanced view in boinc, Project tab. Then mark the project and press the Update button. This might be successful in registering your “main” CPID at those procect websites that displays another one.

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