I grew up with a Christian faith, but after studying the Bible I have realized that I cannot morally agree with many of the things written there. The God of the Bible is supposed to be our moral compass, but we are the ones adapting our view of him to our evolving morals, to keep accepting him. That just doesn’t make sense.

I do not know if there is a being that created the universe or not. Many people might want to play it safe by going with a religion even if they have doubts – Pascal’s Wager and all. Instead of that, I make an even more safe choice.

Instead of locking myself to one religion which may or may not be true, I have developed this one-time prayer.

If there is a powerful being that created the universe and want companionship with its creation:
I want to learn about you. Please make yourself known to me in a clear, unmistakable way. Until then, I will not follow any religion or belive in any god presented to me in any other way.

I think it is at least as safe a choice as following any of the established religions. Until I get my answer to this prayer, I will happily go along disregarding any religions and gods presented to me. I will still try to live a good life in the meantime, not for any rewards from some supernatural being but for leaving a positive legacy to the world around me.

If you are used to common religions, you may think that a one-time prayer is silly. That if I am sincere about searching God, that will surely not be enough.
On the other hand if there is a being that is as powerful as to create this universe, surely it should be able to hear my one-time prayer if it can hear prayer at all. After this declaration of intent, to seek the will of this being, it is up to the being to make its will known.
If it wants more prayer/praise/sacrifices/whatever, the being must communicate this. We cannot make assumptions about the will of God, now can we? What if it is angered by us acting like it is daft, deaf or forgetful?

Of course this may seem like a selfish request against such a powerful being, but then again – such a powerful being surely has all the might required to perform the request. If the being does seek companionship with its creation I think it is a fair request. This is also less selfcentered than making the assumption that I have been lucky or wise enough to find the one true religion among all the differing ones by myself.